Literate choice of epilator

How to find an epilator that doesn't hurt

It seems to you that you already own a razor more cleverly than your husband, because body hair grows so fast that you do not have time to buy new razors? Leave these problems in the past by buying an epilator. This smart little electric device will help your legs stay smooth for a longer period and make hairs more sparse and thin, because it removes hairs from the root. Do you want to induce beauty at home? We will help you buy such an epilator, which will be the envy of all friends.

Main selection criteria

When buying, you should pay most attention not to the appearance of the epilator, but to its technical characteristics. Believe me, the joy of a bright pink color or an unusual body shape will quickly pass if the device buzzs heavily or pulls out bad hairs. So, what is important to consider when choosing an epilator?

Epilator type

In today's stores there are two main types of epilators:

  • Disk drives
  • Tweezers

They differ in the way they capture hairs, and the principle of action is the same: both models and other models capture several hairs at once. If you like to do everything quickly and at the same time with high quality, then you should choose a disk model - because of the design features, such epilators do their job much faster. As for tweezers, they are of two types: those that pull 20 hairs at a time, and those that grab 40 at once. The former are less painful, and the latter are quick. You choose what is preferable for you.

Method of anesthesia

Since epilation involves the removal of hair from the root, you will experience not very pleasant sensations during this procedure. However, modern manufacturers are doing everything possible to protect the lovely ladies from pain. What ways did they come up with?

  • Cooling with gel bags. This feature increases the cost of the instrument. Judging by the discussions of such models on the Internet, it would be possible to purchase an epilator simpler, and use plain ice as a cooler.
  • Massage with vibrating brushes. It relieves well, but at the same time spends more electricity. In addition, such models are not recommended for women with thin sensitive skin.
  • Blowing cool air - This is what suits ladies with delicate skin prone to allergies.

Epilator head

We strongly advise you to purchase an epilator with a removable head. The main advantage of such models is hygienic. Even if you clean the head of the all-in-one model with a special brush after each use, over time it will have to be returned to the service for cleaning. The removable head is much more convenient to use - you can clean it yourself at home.

Included with most epilators is a special brush for cleaning them. In addition, a removable plastic cover that protects the epilator head from dust will be a convenient addition.

Other selection criteria

Have you cut off all models that are not suitable for you, but still a couple of dozen epilators remain in sight? Then we recommend that you pay attention to other characteristics, the presence of which favorably distinguishes some devices.

  • Three speeds instead of one - This is an opportunity to choose the most pleasant mode for you. Someone more convenient to do everything quickly, even if it will be a little more painful, and someone more important is comfort, not time spent on the procedure. The lower the speed, the more painless the process.
  • Battery power Allows you to use the epilator even where there is no network. For example, in a multi-day hike. Suppose you are in nature, but this is not a reason to turn into a shaggy leshego, right?
  • Built-in lights will please those who like to fully control the process. This feature will not only make hair removal in the twilight, but also to see every hair that you are going to remove.
  • Bikini nozzles for face - A very handy addition for those who are not afraid of epilating sensitive places.
  • The possibility of epilating in the shower relatively recently was added by some manufacturers, but has already gained wide popularity. Firstly, it is convenient - you do not have to collect hairs all over the room, and secondly, the pain during wet hair removal is much less.

The most popular manufacturers of epilators

Epilators have been sold in Russia for about 15 years, and during this time some manufacturers of these devices have managed to acquire an excellent reputation. So, what companies are loved by Russian women?

  1. The economy class of epilators (900-3000 rubles) is represented by such reliable manufacturers as Rolsen, Atlanta, Remington, Berdsk, Irit.
  2. Middle class (from 3000 to 6000 rubles): Rowenta, Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Beurer, Gezatone. In this price segment, you can choose a high-quality and functional model that will serve you for many years.
  3. In the high price segment, laser and photoepilators predominate, which makes the epilation procedure completely painless. These are models by manufacturers such as Espil, Braun, Rowenta, Silk 'nGlide, BaByliss, Rio and Tanda. Their cost starts from 7,000 rubles.

Focusing on the cost of the epilator, do not forget that you choose a device that you will use yourself. We advise you not to save and choose a model not at a cost, but according to the existing functionality.

Common customer mistakes

Despite the fact that the epilator is a fairly simple device without additional functions, some women manage to make terrible mistakes when choosing. Be careful: your health and beauty depend on the quality of the purchased epilator!

  1. Purchase epilator with aromatic linings or gels. If you have never had allergic skin reactions, and you do not suffer from increased dryness or sensitivity of the skin, you can safely move on to the next item. If you are allergic to any flavors, chemicals, then you definitely should not buy models of epilators with such additives. It threatens not only allergic rashes, but also skin irritation.
  2. Purchase of tweezers or disc epilators by people with low pain threshold. In no case do not buy such models, if any slightest cut or pinch causes you hellish pain. It is better to overpay for a photoepilator or a laser model, than to buy a thing that is obviously useless for you, which will later gather dust on the shelf, because you simply cannot bear the pain when using it.
  3. Buying a cheap epilator without any method of anesthesia - This is obviously a wrong step. The main problem of epilation is quite strong pain in its process. If you do not have a Spartan hardening, then we do not recommend you to save on the epilator. It is better to spend an extra thousand rubles, so that later you don’t shed tears from pain while seeking beauty.

A good epilator is expensive, while not all women are able to use it constantly because of the inability to endure unpleasant sensations during epilation. If you have never tried to remove hairs with an epilator, ask your girlfriend to be sure that you really need such a device. It is effective, but only on the condition that you can suffer some discomfort. Have a nice shopping!

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