5 best new laptops in 2017

Overview of new products that conquer the market

There is nothing surprising in the fact that from year to year the possibilities of computing technology grow, and it itself becomes more compact. Actually, these factors predetermine the main directions in which the development of notebooks is moving. The first is embodied by extremely thin devices (ultrabooks), and the second by powerful game models. The third vector clearly indicates the ability of laptops to adapt to the current needs of the owner. And it is not by chance at all that almost all notebook rulers of the same HP company have recently appeared transformers.

It is possible that with time we will see something universal, possessing all the listed qualities, but for now we have to choose, complying with the priorities.

The best new notebooks of 2017

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best new laptop for video editing professionals1Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display Mid 20179.8 / 10164 990
Ultrabook New1Lenovo THINKPAD X1 Carbon Ultrabook (5th Gen)9.8 / 10127 036
The best novelty among transforming laptops1HP Specter x360-13 laptop9.7 / 10127 036
The best new gaming notebook1MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro9.8 / 10127 036
The best novelty of inexpensive laptops1Lenovo IdeaPad 310-159.5 / 1034 990

The best new laptop for video editing professionals

Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display Mid 2017
164,990 (per model in the configuration: Intel Core i7 2900 MHz / 15.4 "/ 16Gb / 512Gb SSD / AMD Radeon Pro 560)

Apple has expectedly updated in 2017 all the lines of their laptops, making them even more powerful, thinner, more convenient and further down the list. Of the most controversial innovations, the Touch Bar deserves particular attention, replacing a number of function keys. On the one hand, such a solution is really practical, since it allows one to dispense with the use of the menu to launch frequently called operations, and in each application on an individual list. On the other hand, these same applications should support Touch Bar, but for now their list is not impressive. In addition, the "issue price" is high, even by Apple standards. Again, multitouch for 10 touches is just great, but try to remember all the possible combinations! Only Pro-models received the new look, and a 13-inch laptop is also offered with a keyboard in its usual composition. Among the less radical improvements can be called a significantly increased trackpad and graphics accelerator of the professional class.

Main advantages:
  • great for working with "heavy" multimedia content;
  • bright screen with the correct color and high resolution;
  • comfortable and responsive keyboard;
  • lighter and thinner than previous generation models;
  • enlarged trackpad.
  • ambiguous replacement of the function keys on the Touch Bar;
  • very high price.
9.8 / 10
Basically, the touch keys suit me. The only thing I don’t like is that under the direct sunlight the pictograms are hardly distinguishable.

Ultrabook New

Lenovo THINKPAD X1 Carbon Ultrabook (5th Gen)
127,036 (per model in the configuration: Intel Core i7 7500U 2700 MHz / 14 "/ 8Gb / 256Gb SSD / Intel HD Graphics 620)

A business model of great interest not only in terms of ensuring the image of a business person, but also as a powerful enough tool for solving resource-intensive tasks. From the vast majority of modern ultrabooks, the new 2017 is distinguished by a solid set of interface connectors - literally for all occasions. In an extremely compact package there was a place even for a memory card adapter. The truth is not full-sized, but the UHS-II standard (microSD), but he understands the SDXC specification. By the way, the corresponding slot is a hybrid, like in smartphones. If necessary, you can insert a SIM card into it and get access to the cellular operator’s network (optionally, if there is a modem in slot M.2 and integrated antennas). The only drawback is that the slot is located at the back end of the notebook, and due to the design features of its hinges, insert / remove the tray will turn out only in the transport position of the device. Both universal USB Type-C ports can be used to charge the device (up to 80% of the nominal per hour), and one of them supports Thunderbolt 3 and "gives" current up to 1.5A. And more about the options. One of them implies the presence of a wireless communication module that can exchange data according to the 802.11ad protocol (speed is greater than gigabit, operating frequency is 60 GHz).

Main advantages:
  • the most modern "iron";
  • excellent autonomy;
  • a large set of interfaces.
  • relatively high price;
  • noisy cooling system;
  • noticeable heating under load.
9.8 / 10
Particularly pleased with the presence of a USB port, which gives 1.5A instead of the standard 0.5A. Those. I no longer need a power bank for a powerful smartphone.

The best novelty among transforming laptops

HP Specter x360-13 laptop
127,036 (per model in the configuration: Intel Core i5 7200U 2500 MHz / 13.3 "/ 8Gb / 256Gb SSD / Intel HD Graphics 620)

The flagship transformers HP second generation got rid of some annoying flaws and became much lighter and thinner than their predecessors. In particular, their battery life has increased by about a quarter and is 6-10 hours, depending on the type of load.

It was not possible to do completely without loss - the new laptop in 2017 lost its adapter for memory cards and the HDMI connector. In compensation, the owner of the new HP Specter x360-13 will receive a couple of USB Type-C ports that support the Thunderbolt 3 standard as well.

One of the features of the device is the presence of four speakers at once, designed to provide good sound in all variants of using the device. The situation requires, therefore, with the performance and “tasty buns” the recommended transformer has no problems. As examples of the latter, we can mention the infrared camera and the ability to work with the stylus. The novelty was presented last year, but it has already appeared in a wide sale, therefore it is rightfully featured in our review.

Main advantages:
  • decent performance;
  • excellent screen;
  • high-quality sound path;
  • high autonomy.
  • keyboard backlight has only one level;
  • no memory card slot.
9.7 / 10
The laptop was purchased for work and business meetings. It looks stylish and elegant, due to the possibility of turning the screen 360 degrees is very convenient in transport.

The best new gaming notebook

MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro
127,036 (per model in the configuration: Intel Core i7 7700HQ 2800 MHz / 17.3 "/ 16Gb / 1256Gb HDD + SSD / DVD-RW / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070)

The fact that modern laptops are capable of being a full-fledged gaming solution is beyond anyone’s doubt. Another thing is that the 17-inch screen for the avid gamer is not the ultimate dream. But there is a dilemma: either mobility, or a separate monitor with a large diagonal. All the other components of this new 2017 notebook from MSI will not become a “bottleneck” even for the most “heavy” games with ultra graphics settings. By the way, the discrete graphics card on the GTX 1070 core is turned on all the time, since the display of the device supports NVidia G-Sync technology, provides picture playback at a frequency of 120 Hz, but cannot switch to integrated graphics. Despite this, as well as the use of a very powerful processor, the operating cooling system of the laptop is barely audible. Even with a stressful load that is unattainable under normal conditions, the noise level does not exceed the value of 45 dBa, and in idle time it is completely reduced to 22 dBa. The device boasts a decent-sounding speaker system with a subwoofer, a comfortable keyboard and an impressive array of interface connectors.

Main advantages:
  • very powerful "stuffing";
  • low noise level;
  • good ergonomics.
  • relatively modest maximum brightness value;
  • not very large viewing angles of the screen.
9.8 / 10
Impressed with the dynamics. They sound better than all the laptops and some speakers I've heard before. But the design - an amateur.

The best novelty of inexpensive laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad 310-15
34 990 (per model in the configuration: Intel Core i3 6006U 2000 MHz / 15.6 "/ 1920x1080 / 4Gb / 500Gb HDD / DVD no / Intel HD Graphics 520 / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / DOS)

The new 2017 IdeaPad 310-15 laptop is only partly because the model itself is already well known and quite popular. Without further ado, Lenovo is simply modernizing the hardware stuffing of the device, leaving its appearance unchanged. However, this budget laptop looks quite elegant, so this conservatism is fully justified. We recommend to pay attention to modifications with Full HD screen. Of course, their price is higher, but worth it. There are a complete set with a simple discrete graphics card, but you should not count on a comfortable gaming application of such a laptop. The maximum that he will be capable of is CS: GO with a modest frame rate. Recall that to play a variety of multimedia content, surfing and working with documents, the integrated graphics capabilities are more than enough. It would be much more useful to have a solid-state drive, but just such options IdeaPad 310-15 is offensively small.

Main advantages:
  • good appearance;
  • attractive value.
  • weak autonomy;
  • keyboard without backlight;
  • Marki plastic.
9.5 / 10
It looks very decent, especially inside, where the plastic surface looks like a metal and collects less dust. I use for the Internet, cinema, music and photos, it suits me. Five I will not put, but the four is very strong, even with a plus.

Despite the fact that almost half a year has passed since the CES 2017 exhibition, the laptops announced on it have not yet reached the windows of our stores. On the second forum, the last literally "yesterday" (Computex 2017), and there is no point. However, choosing your first or regular laptop, some general trends should be taken into account.

  • You will be prudent enough if you attend to the presence of at least one USB Type-C connector on the new device.
  • Now it makes no sense to purchase a gaming laptop, the graphics subsystem of which is built on the video card of the previous generation. Whether NVidia or AMD products. It is better to wait a bit, but take the device with an accelerator on one of the last Radeon or “thousandth” GTX (or even on the Max-Q platform).
  • All models presented in the review run on Intel processors. The alternative is already there, but it is still on the way. We mean the line of processors Ryzen. It remains to wait for the appearance of the corresponding laptops in the wide sale.
  • Well, the drive. In modern times, it is necessary to focus on a model with an installed SSD. At least for a combination: a small solid-state drive and a classic hard drive.

Have a good choice!

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