10 best bath cleaners

Direct the "Marafet", or the better to wash the bath?

The snow-white, perfect clean bath is pleasant to everyone, but does everyone love and know how to care for it? It is clear that without a better cleaning agent is not enough. "Price expert" made the top ten of the most effective and popular bathing facilities for hostesses.

How to choose the best bath cleaner?

Experts advise to clean the bath gel or liquid composition, avoiding hard abrasives and concentrated acids. The composition should be relatively safe, good to cope with rust stains, lime deposits and soap bloom and not to harm the surface. Disinfectants in the composition will help get rid of germs and odor.

Baths with enamel coating and acrylic baths need different cleaning compositions:

  • Enamel bath hard particles and high acid concentrations may be damaged. To keep the enamel, use surfactants, forming a large amount of foam, literally absorbing dirt. You can use soft abrasives and weak acids. Use more aggressive formulations only in the most exceptional cases and pointwise - on particularly contaminated sites.
  • Acrylic baths consist of a polymer that is easily scratched, absorbs dirt and stains. This means that a beautiful appearance and whiteness must be maintained with special liquids and sprays for acrylic and plastic. No cleaning particles (even mild), solvents and strong acids. If the package does not indicate that the product is suitable for this type of bath, it is better not to use it at all. The same recommendations can be attributed to shower enclosures with a base and elements of acrylic.

Rating of the best bath care products - TOP-10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best universal bath products - from plaque and rust1Cillit Bang Spray Antinalet + Gloss9.7 / 10260
2Stork sanox gel9.6 / 1075
3Frosch Green Grape Bath & Shower Spray9.6 / 10250
4Comet spray for bathroom "7 days of purity"9.4 / 10210
5Pemolyuks Soda 5 cleaning powder8.8 / 1050
Best Acrylic Bath Cleaners1Unicum spray for acrylic baths and showers9.8 / 10220
2Freshbubble spray for acrylic bath cleaning9.7 / 10230
3Meine Liebe spray for acrylic baths and showers9.7 / 10250
4Sanfor Acrilight Gel9.6 / 10140
5Bagi acrilan9.6 / 10440

The best universal bath products - from plaque and rust

Cillit Bang Spray Antinalet + Gloss
260 (750 ml)

An excellent tool that has been entrusted with the purity of its enamel bath by many housewives. And not only baths - Cillit Bang can be used for most surfaces of the bathroom, bathroom and kitchen, which makes cleaning easier. The composition of the agent with oxalic acid, therefore, we do not recommend using it too often (although the manufacturer allows it).

Main advantages:
  • copes with lime;
  • a bottle with a trigger, you can buy a replacement cylinder without a trigger;
  • not only cleans, but also keeps the bath clean and smooth.
  • rust removes not as effective as limescale.
9.7 / 10
Despite the pungent smell and the need to work in gloves, I still use and will use "Cillit Bang", because this is one of the few best bath cleaners that really works.
Stork sanox gel
75 (750 ml)

The best emergency remedy against rust in the bath. Let's say right away that this tool is not intended for use in baths of any type, because contains oxalic acid, which over time spoils enamel and acrylic. However, in advanced cases, it is the Sanoks gel that is considered to be the best way for housewives to remove calcareous growths and rusty stains, to bleach and ennoble even a very old bath.

Main advantages:
  • efficiency;
  • there is in all shops of household chemicals;
  • low cost and large volume;
  • relatively mild odor.
  • acid, work only with gloves!
  • with frequent use can ruin the bath.
9.6 / 10
Super remedy, cleans on time, without effort and unnecessary rubbing, the smell is not clearly pronounced, economical, low price ... Sanox begins to work when applied! And after 10 minutes you just need to wash off the composition with water! And do not rub anything. In my opinion, this is the ideal tool for reanimation of the bath.
Frosch Green Grape Bath & Shower Spray
250 (500 ml)

Our eco-friendly bath and shower cleaner with a pleasant smell continues our ranking of the best bath products. Means on a biodegradable detergent with grape acid will appeal to adherents of natural cleaners, as well as those who are not willing to tolerate even the slightest smell of chemistry in the house. Frosh equally well cleaned enamelled and acrylic surfaces, is easily sprayed, acts for a few minutes and has a luxurious fresh grape flavor. The tool is not tested on animals.

Main advantages:
  • natural base;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • good cleansing ability.
  • does not remove strong pollution.
9.6 / 10
Wonderful smell! A find for allergies and asthmatics. It copes well with limescale, soap stains and so on. Launders fresh dirt perfectly, but with the old can not cope. I know it, but I still buy it because of the smell.
Comet spray for bathroom "7 days of purity"

Good bath cleaner without chlorine. The manufacturer claims that a special formula not only cleans, but also does not allow dirt to settle on the surface for up to 7 days. Means in a convenient package has a high cleansing and disinfecting ability, it is easy to apply and wash off without staining. Formic and phosphoric acids provide relief from rust, plaque and most bacteria, but not everyone is willing to tolerate the "official" smell of this product.

Main advantages:
  • great for daily cleaning, for removing small dirt;
  • convenient format (spray).
  • poorly cope with chronic bloom;
  • Acids in stock - use caution!
9.4 / 10
After using this tool, the surfaces shine like new. And advertising almost never lies - the effect lasts for several days, I have three or four days. This effect allows you to get out less often.
Pemolyuks Soda 5 cleaning powder
50 (480g)

Powder bath cleaning is not the best idea. However, Pemolux Soda 5 contains baking soda and ground marble as an abrasive, which have a minimal damaging effect on the enamel, while removing dirt, grease, soap deposits and light rust. Means has no caustic smell. Budget and quite effective option for not very new baths and diligent hostesses, the best cheap abrasive agent to keep the bath clean.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • good cleaning properties;
  • composition without caustic chemicals.
  • micro-scratches on enamel are possible;
  • leaves divorces;
  • "Dusty", can get into the respiratory system and eyes (trouble all powders);
  • does not cope with strong pollution, old stains and lime deposits.
8.8 / 10
Good and cheap product without excess chemistry and toxic smell. I clean them all that is cleaned. Minus for packaging, the lid snaps with great difficulty.

Best Acrylic Bath Cleaners

Unicum spray for acrylic baths and showers
220 (500 ml)
Means "Unicum" in a convenient format "spray foam" is designed for all types of acrylic and plastic household products, including baths, showers, pools, jacuzzi. Spray is able to significantly lighten old spots and update the appearance of even battered baths. It acts very quickly - 15-20 seconds is enough for standard cleaning, about a minute for heavy pollution. The tool has a rather pungent odor, work only with gloves and with a mask (as recommended by the manufacturer).
Main advantages:
  • highly effective;
  • high-speed;
  • simple application;
  • There are economy packaging 750 ml and 3 liters.
  • strong smell.
9.8 / 10
Excellent washes acrylic bath! Even nothing to rub! I take it constantly for 3 years. I took my counterparts - it's not that, Unicum is the best.
Freshbubble spray for acrylic bath cleaning
230 (500 ml)
The product of the Russian brand Levrana is recommended for cleaning all plastic surfaces. This means for frequent cleaning in the house where there are children and animals, and aggressive chemistry is undesirable. Composition on soft surfactants, citric acid and essential oils. It does not act instantly (you need to apply foam and wait a few minutes), but it leaves the acrylic bath clean and shiny. Due to its soft composition, it can be used to clean earthenware, tile, enamel, and even to clean a house.
Main advantages:
  • universality;
  • sparing composition;
  • no harm to the environment;
  • fresh lemon flavor;
  • does not dry your skin.
  • strong pollution does not remove the first time.
9.7 / 10
This spray exceeded my expectations, it copes well with pollution and has an excellent composition.
Meine Liebe spray for acrylic baths and showers
250 (500 ml)
Eco-friendly product on fruit acids, Meine Liebe fights rust, bloom, odor, soapy stains, mold and bacteria. It is sprayed as a spray and as foam (there is an additional aerator). The tool is best suited for frequent cleaning, with old stains may not cope. It can be used for tile and chrome-plated surfaces without fear for their safety. The agent has a smell, but it is not too harsh and disappears quickly.
Main advantages:
  • the sparing structure, biodegradable;
  • does not leave stains;
  • fruity odor;
  • wide spectrum of action;
  • available in stores.
  • with very strong pollution can not cope.
9.7 / 10
Super bath product! Splashed and wiped, everything is clean! Quickly removes rust stains and smells surprisingly nice.
Sanfor Acrilight Gel
140 (920 ml)
Perhaps the best budget tool for baths from the nearest department of household chemicals. Despite the low price, the product has a non-aggressive composition, it foams well and adequately copes with the majority of non-aged contaminants on polymer surfaces, successfully removes limescale and adds shine. Action time is about 10 minutes. Only the packaging is frustrating - a bottle with a regular cap, it is inconvenient to apply a liquid gel from the neck, which increases the consumption of the product.
Main advantages:
  • effective;
  • gives plentiful foam;
  • affordable price;
  • easy to buy;
  • large volume.
  • need to wait for the effect;
  • no dispenser.
9.6 / 10
Good cleans, easy, no need to make special efforts. It smells lightly. Bath after use snow white. With a completely running bathroom and can not cope, but to maintain cleanliness there is no better means.
Bagi acrilan
440 (400 ml)

Acrylan consists of surfactant and citric acid and combines cleaning and disinfecting properties. Suitable for cleaning acrylic, glass, ceramic sanitary ware and tiles. The hostesses appreciated the effectiveness of Acrylan in the fight against difficult pollution, as well as the speed and convenience of working with it. For enamel baths it can also be used.

Main advantages:
  • Convenient atomizer with blocking, spraying foam or liquid to choose from;
  • high efficiency;
  • quick action (apply and wash off immediately).
  • high price.
9.6 / 10
Not the first year I have been using Acrylan - a bath for 5 years, and it looks as if it was installed yesterday. Acrylan best removes limescale, gives the bath shine and kills microbes. Excellent rinsing holes in the hot tub.

What is the best bath cleaner?

Perhaps there is no universal recipe, and every hostess has her own favorite and proven way to clean up the bathroom. Be sure to choose for each type of surface exactly the means that is suitable for it, and do not neglect the instructions for use. For enamel baths, multi-purpose tools are suitable without coarse abrasives and strong acids, eliminating plaque, rust and shine to enamel-painted surfaces. Acrylic is best cleaned with special delicate compounds - so the whiteness and smoothness of the capricious polymer will remain at its best.

On the label you will always find indications for which surfaces this and product can be applied. Do not forget that any chemical composition requires caution in the application. Use gloves, ventilate the bathroom after using "chemistry" and securely hide cleaning products from children and animals. And - happy shopping!

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