5 best drinking bowls for babies

Teach your baby to drink from a cup - how to choose the right bottle

When a baby begins to learn adult food, he learns to chew, put food in his mouth with a spoon and drink from a cup. It is very difficult, because the child only sucked milk all its life. Of course, the first time, food will soil everything around, and drinking will invariably spill over.

While it is very difficult and inconvenient to use an adult cup, pediatricians and pediatric dentists categorically reject the bottle with the nipple. The best alternative is the baby bottle. This is a transitional variant, allowing you not to splash out the liquid and acquire the necessary skills to drink from adult dishes.

Among this category of goods are the following main types:

  • Drinking a bowl with a hard nose is the easiest option;
  • non-spill poker with a stiff or flexible spout;
  • poilnik with a straw.

There are quite a few of the specified types of pots that have different prices sold in stores. Let's try to figure out what is the difference between these at first glance similar products.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best spouts1Bottle with Happy Baby "Ergo Cup"9.8 / 10579
2Lubby Silicone Spout9.2 / 10294
3Cup with spout Tale8.9 / 10214
Best Drink Fingers1Cup with Pigeon tube9.9 / 10765
2Philips AVENT tubule bottle9.5 / 101 620

Best spouts

Bottle with Happy Baby "Ergo Cup"

Convenient 180 ml bottle, designed to gradually wean the child from the bottle. It has 2 spouts. The first is made of soft silicone with a slot, more like a nipple, but a different shape. The second is firmer, with holes. The special valve allows liquid not to spill. Convenient handles of the original form will suit the baby, but if you wish, they can be removed. On sale models of various flowers are presented.

Main advantages:
  • 2 spouts: soft and hard;
  • no spillage;
  • comfortable removable handles;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  • baby easy to remove handles.
9.8 / 10
A good bowl, everything is conveniently disassembled and can even be washed in a dishwasher. I especially liked the fact that the set included 2 spouts at once for a smooth transition from the bottle.
Lubby Silicone Spout

A non-spill cup will help the baby gradually drop the bottle and start drinking from the cup. Silicone spout is convenient for the baby, like a nipple, but due to its shape it motivates the child not to suck, but to drink liquid. A transparent graduation bottle will allow you to easily prepare the mixture and pour the exact amount of liquid.

Main advantages:
  • soft nose;
  • no spillage;
  • cap;
  • attractive price.
  • handles are not fixed;
  • over time, the spout ceases to hold water.
9.2 / 10
The best and most convenient low-cost drinker, the liquid does not spill. The child himself holds his hands and drinks as an adult, he likes it.
Cup with spout Tale

Simple, but time-tested feeding bowl for kids. Designed for children from 6 months. Made from safe materials. A comfortable rubber spout and handles allow the baby to easily hold the drinker on his own and drink from it, like from a cup. Suitable for any child as a transitional stage from bottle to cup. Thanks to the screw cap, the child will not be able to accidentally open it.

Main advantages:
  • screw cap;
  • soft nose;
  • comfortable rubber handles;
  • attractive price.
  • no cap;
  • if you flip it, water spills.
8.9 / 10
I took the first of the cheapest models in the store, and was very surprised at home, as it turned out to be a pretty decent drink! The child is very comfortable to hold it.

Best Drink Fingers

Cup with Pigeon tube

Small children who have not tried to drink from a cup often do not understand exactly how this is done. The easiest way for them to learn to drink first is from a straw. Pigeon poilon is equipped with a comfortable, soft silicone tube that does not allow the liquid to spill out of the cup, does not injure the delicate oral mucosa and conveniently folds when the lid is closed. The rubberized bottom of the cup gives extra stability. Ergonomic handles allow the child to easily hold the trough. Bright design attracts attention. Durable plastic will never break, no matter how much you throw. The lid is securely fixed in the open state, without risking to hit the baby on the nose.

Main advantages:
  • silicone tube;
  • ergonomic handles;
  • hinged lid;
  • neprolivayka.
  • high price;
  • difficulty in washing tubules.
9.9 / 10
Drinkers rejected her daughter, because she had to throw her head back high, but I understood how to drink from a tube — I understood pretty quickly, and now we have no problems. Nothing spills out of it, the lid is very comfortable.
Philips AVENT tubule bottle
1 620

Silicone tubule is the best way for mothers of those babies who reject ordinary drinkers and nipples. Thanks to the swivel design, the tube is conveniently folded and hermetically sealed - it is convenient to take the bottle anywhere with you without the risk of fluid leakage. The tubule is disconnected if necessary. Like all Avent products, it has interchangeable parts with other bottles. Convenient to wash and disassemble. Large volume allows you to quench your thirst even for big children.

Main advantages:
  • silicone tube with a hermetic valve;
  • reliable closing mechanism;
  • neprolivayka.
  • tube and turning mechanism are short-lived;
  • no pens;
  • inconvenient to wash;
  • high price.
9.5 / 10
This is the only water that does not spill water at the expense of tightness. Clean the tube with a special brush, bought separately.

What is better to buy a baby?

Despite the fact that the choice of the drinker depends largely on the individual preferences of the child and the family budget, there are some general parameters by which you can choose the most high-quality thing. So, each cup must be:

  • durable;
  • made from safe material;
  • easily versed and collected;
  • convenient for small pens;
  • atraumatic for baby's tender mouth.

For the youngest children, of course, it is advisable to use non-spillage products to prevent liquid spillage. It is quite suitable and simple inexpensive Lubby, and Happy Baby "Ergo Cup", and Avent. Children after a year begin to learn more accurate use, so for them you can choose simple models without a valve, like a tale of a fairy tale, because the liquid will spill only if it is turned upside down.

If the child does not want to make an effort or he categorically rejects the drinking nozzles, he will surely like to drink from a silicone tube. Pigeon and Avent are excellent examples of such models; this is a win-win option, even a very small child can learn to drink from it.

Whichever cup is chosen by a caring mother, it can be approved only after testing by the main expert - the child himself.