5 best makeup brushes

Feel like a professional!

Creating a beautiful makeup is a whole art, a creative process, and cosmetics are not enough here. As a true artist, a girl needs not only paint, but also brushes. However, there are hundreds of them in the beauty market! How to choose the best makeup brushes that really come in handy?

Rules for choosing a good makeup brushes

Experienced makeup artists advise to follow the following rule: for working with decorative and grooming cosmetics of a creamy texture, it is better to take synthetic brushes, and for crumbly means are ideal natural. But there are exceptions to every rule - for example, if you are allergic to wool, you should only use brushes with artificial bristles.

The choice should be made in favor of the brushes from proven cosmetic brands - they more closely monitor the quality of the product. The bristles should be moderately flexible, not coarse and not too rigid. You can check the brush for convenience right in the store, moving it along your arm in different directions. The villi should not scratch and cause discomfort to the skin. You also need to make sure that the pen fits well in the palm of your hand.

In addition, the brushes need to properly look after. It is strictly forbidden to wash them with hot water, because in most cases the hairs are held by glue, which after such washing can lose binding properties. For the same reason, you can not dry the brush with a hair dryer. They are washed two or three times a week in warm water with shampoo, and then rinsed under running cold. Dry brushes in a horizontal position, spreading them on a towel.

And our ranking of the best (according to experts and customer reviews) makeup brushes will help you make the right choice!

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best set of makeup brushes1A set of natural brushes Bobbi Brown 99.9 / 101 690
Best eyebrow brush1Pupa Eyeliner & Eyebrow brush9.8 / 101 060
The best brush for powder, bronzer and blush1IsaDora Bronzing Brush10 / 10879
Best lip brush1Nouba lip brush retract9.6 / 10459
The best brush for shading shadows1Essence B-To-B Blender Brush9.9 / 10109

The best set of makeup brushes

A set of natural brushes Bobbi Brown 9
1 690

A set of brushes for make-up of the American brand Bobbi Brown is ideal for all occasions: it is suitable for professional and home use, and also indispensable as a travel version. The set includes nine gorgeous brushes, enclosed in a tight wardrobe trunk, lined with black velvet.

These comfortable, durable brushes are made from different materials. So, a large brush for powder and blush is made of white goat wool, and brushes for applying shadows and drawing arrows are made of squirrel wool. Eyebrow brush filled with natural pony pile. There are also brushes made from high-quality synthetic fiber - taclon, as well as fiber. The material for pens served as a birch, varnished.

With such an assortment, you can easily create make-up of any degree of complexity! The brushes wash well, and in order to make it easier for the hostess to deal with their use, each of them has a corresponding inscription.

Main advantages:
  • convenient packing in the form of a case with a mirror;
  • large selection of brushes for different purposes;
  • on each of them it is written what the brush is intended for.
  • best travel format.
  • You can run into a poor quality Chinese fake;
  • not suitable for those who are allergic to natural wool.
9.9 / 10
Received the brush Bobbi Brown as a gift from her husband and was more than satisfied! Soft, beautiful, comfortable, perfectly lie in your hand - and nothing more! I am pleased to use each of them.

Best eyebrow brush

Pupa Eyeliner & Eyebrow brush
1 060

Eyeliner & Eyebrow brush is a universal Italian handmade brush. It can be used to tint eyebrows and to draw graceful thin arrows using eye shadow. The product is clinically tested and has received many rave reviews from girls from different countries.

Such a thin brush is made of dense and elastic synthetic lint that does not cause allergies. It has a special shape, flat and beveled. This allows you to conduct clear, precise lines on the eyes and shade the eyebrows well, making them as natural as possible. The brush is easy to clean, but you can not squeeze it!

Main advantages:
  • possibility of application for eyebrows and for eyes;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • high wear resistance;
  • comfortable long handle.
  • decent value;
  • the consumption of shadows turns out more, than with a brush sponge.
9.8 / 10
Perfect makeup brush, one of the best! Villi perfectly fit to each other, but at the same time remain soft. I draw her eyeliner with her, put shadows in the corner of my eye and, of course, tint my eyebrows. Happy!

The best brush for powder, bronzer and blush

IsaDora Bronzing Brush
879 (this is the cost of kabuki brush Bronzing Body Brush (it is in the photo))

The Bronzing Brush line from the Swedish brand IsaDora consists of two stylish round brushes in transparent plastic cases. They are designed for applying bronzer, blush and powder. The Bronzing Body Brush with a short handle is a kabuki brush for face and body, and the Bronzing Brush with a long handle is a small brush that is used only for face makeup.

Kabuki is made of sterilized artificial lint, and a small brush is made of natural hair. Both materials are very soft and pleasant to the touch. The rounded shape of the brushes makes it possible to distribute makeup over the skin in a uniform thin layer and to shade it well. Thanks to the stable handles, both models can be put on the shelf.

Main advantages:
  • do not cause irritation;
  • do not crumble and do not lose density;
  • well-recruited cosmetic;
  • can be conveniently stored in a standing position.
  • due to fluffiness and volume, it dries long after washing.
10 / 10
The kabuki brush is amazingly soft, it reminds me of a British cat's plush fur. It is very thick, it sits wonderfully in the hand, it is easy to clean, it is economical to use powder. The best makeup brush I've ever tried!

Best lip brush

Nouba lip brush retract

The brush from the Italian company Nouba is indispensable for those who love beautiful juicy lips! Lip Brush Retract is enclosed in a convenient compact case with a cap - this thoughtful design allows you to carry the brush in your bag and use it at any time. The brush extends with one slight turn of the fingers and helps to extract the remnants of your favorite lipstick from the tube to the last drop!

The hairs at the brush are made of high-quality nylon, which washes well and dries quickly. Lip Brush Retract will help to make a smooth contour and perfectly paint over lips, filling lipstick or gloss with all the folds. You just need to get used to its amazing softness - it may take a little time.

Main advantages:
  • case with a cap that protects the brush from dirt;
  • convenient to carry and take on the road.
  • need to adapt to a very soft nap.
9.6 / 10
I liked the design of the brush and the fact that it has a cap! I always wear it in a bag with lipstick - lips painted with a brush look much neater and more seductive.

The best brush for shading shadows

Essence B-To-B Blender Brush

German fluffy brush for the application and blending of shadows from Essence has found many fans around the world. It combines all the necessary properties - excellent quality, nice design and quite reasonable price. No wonder that girls love her so much and call her the best in her beautician!

This brush is made of soft and silky synthetic pile. It is well stuffed and wonderfully picks up the shadow. Long fluffy hairs allow you to make a neat shading and not scratch and stretch the delicate skin of the eyelids. The brush is perfect for finishing touches in the makeup of the eyes.

B-To-B Blender Brush is equipped with a transparent silicone case with a clasp. Perhaps, after purchase, it will seem slightly wrinkled, since the cover is quite tight. In this case, you just need to wash the brush in warm water, and it will regain its original shape of the bell.

Main advantages:
  • very reasonable cost;
  • does not fade and does not lose shape;
  • does not stab the eyelids;
  • does not provoke allergies.
  • after purchase, the pile may be flattened.
9.9 / 10
I think for the price it is just a godsend! Infinitely pleased with the brush, and the lavender color and lace pattern on the handle each time brings me aesthetic pleasure! Feel free to recommend to everyone.

We wish you to find the best makeup brushes that will meet all the strict requirements and become true friends for many years!

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