Top 10 lip liners

Clear lip contour and not only: the best of popular brands

The right choice of a universal cosmetic product with decorative and restorative functions, which is a lip pencil, is one of the basic prerequisites for creating a perfect image and comfort of sensations. The “expert of prices” selected a dozen of the best lip pencils in 2018, which received the most positive feedback from women of different ages - from girls to mature women.

How to choose a good lip liner?

The selection was carried out by our expert according to the following criteria, which are recommended to you when choosing a lip pencil.


The main principle that was put at the forefront in compiling the rating is the harmlessness of a cosmetic product. Among the most popular lip pencils on the market, we selected only those that, judging by the reviews, do not cause an allergic reaction.


This is one of the main indicators of quality lip pencil, which should be paid attention to when choosing. A blurred or “eaten” contour line will nullify even the immaculate in all other respects makeup.


The composition of the leads of any pencils for the lips necessarily includes wax, which contributes to the softness of the application and gives the line elasticity. From the overly soft lead with excessive wax content, the line will spread. Too hard (dry) pencil will not be able to provide it with continuity, as a result, liquid cosmetics will flow through the “tears”. In addition, micro-injuries may form on delicate skin. The best choice is the golden mean.

Protective cap

Very important detail for a mechanical pencil. Removable, as well as a dangling cap can cause damage to the stylus. It is very convenient when such a lip pencil is equipped with a built-in sharpening.

Which manufacturer to give preference?

Manufacturing firms with a solid reputation - Dior, Chanel, Lankom, Shiseido (Shiseido), Meibelin, Givenchy, L'Oreal, etc., by their very prestige alone, guarantee the high quality of their cosmetics. As for newcomers to the market, then blindly trust advertising is not worth it. At the same time, a high-quality product can be hidden under an unfamiliar brand. When choosing a lip pencil, pay attention to the country of origin (this also applies to brands), the presence of moisturizing ingredients, oils, vitamins in the stylus, information about which can be found on the pencil itself or on the sticker, as well as the expiration date and rules of care.

Top Lip Pencils Ranking - Top 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Cheap Lip Pencils1Vivienne sabo jolies levres9.9 / 10170
2Essence lipliner9.8 / 1085
The best pencils for the lips in the middle price range1Maybelline Color drama intense velvet lip pencil10 / 10300
2Revlon Colorstay Lipliner10 / 10340
3Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liner9.9 / 10240
4ArtDeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof9.9 / 10430
5Pupa True Lips9.8 / 10350
Top Luxury Pencils1Chanel le crayon levres10 / 102 000
2Givenchy Lip Liner Pencil Waterproof9.8 / 101 400
3Shiseido Makeup Smoothing lip pencil9.7 / 101 300

Best Cheap Lip Pencils

Vivienne sabo jolies levres

The classic lip liner from the French company Vivienne Sabo is released in eleven gorgeous shades, some of which are warm and cold. It can be used both as a contour and as a full replacement for matte lipstick. The official make-up artist of the brand Svetlana Udalova recommends that you choose the tone of a pencil to match the color of your lips with shine, and in tonal lipstick - for use with lipstick.

The texture of the Jolies Levres is soft, sliding, comfortable. Thanks to shea butter, coconut and jojoba in the composition of the pencil does not dry and does not scratch the delicate skin, and special resistant pigments allow it to readily give color and stick well on the lips. The pencil does not roll off, it is easily washed off. However, due to its softness it needs frequent sharpening.

Main advantages:
  • excellent range of shades;
  • lasts a long time;
  • cares for the skin of the lips;
  • inexpensive;
  • has a long shelf life (40 months).
  • when used as a lipstick quickly consumed;
  • need to often undermine the stylus.
9.9 / 10
I have never met a better price-performance ratio with a lip pencil! Excellent natural shades, took three at once, indescribably pleased. Highly recommend to everyone.
Essence lipliner

The German lip liner from Essence created a real sensation among the fans of today's matte lipsticks - many called it the best in terms of price / quality ratio. This pencil can be used directly to fill the lips, and to underline their contour. The product is presented in eight pripylenny shades for a day and evening make-up.

The texture of the Essence lipliner is velvety and tender, but the stylus does not crumble or break. Among the ingredients are vitamin E and castor oil, which endows the pencil with caring properties and allows it not to dry the sensitive skin of the lips and not to emit flaking. It is easy to apply, it is well layered, it lasts a long time, it is practically not felt on the lips. Needs frequent undermining.

However, you should know that the company has released an updated line of Essence lipliner with a different composition. In it, unlike the previous series, the color of the cap coincides with the color of the pencil body - and some fans consider this update to be not very successful and lower in quality than the original version.

Main advantages:
  • budget cost;
  • excellent durability;
  • caring properties.
  • not very economical;
  • The new line is a little losing the original.
9.8 / 10
My favourite! All colors are extremely successful, fit perfectly, beautifully emphasize lip relief, withstand even a coffee break - a solid five.

The best pencils for the lips in the middle price range

Maybelline Color drama intense velvet lip pencil

The manufacturer gave the product Color drama intense velvet lip pencil the name lipstick because, due to its thickness, it is designed to fulfill the role of a full-fledged lipstick rather than a lip contour. The world-famous beauty blogger and star makeup artist Lisa Eldridge in one of her videos strongly recommended this pencil for purchase. It is presented in eight seductive shades.

Color drama texture is creamy, slightly melting. He gently envelops his lips, willingly giving them his rich color, and lasts long enough. Well fills all the folds and gives a dense coating, but it does not feel the mask and does not dry the skin. Does not slip. After some time after application, it absorbs a little and practically leaves no marks if the lips touch something.

Main advantages:
  • economical consumption;
  • resilience;
  • acceptable cost;
  • caring components in the composition.
  • needs a special sharpener for thick pencils.
10 / 10
This pencil is my must-have! His lips always look well-groomed, and even if I need to travel for half a day, I can be sure that he will remain in place and will not go anywhere.
Revlon Colorstay Lipliner

At the heart of Colors Revy Lipliner from the American brand Revlon is a special technology SoftFlex, which will not allow lipstick to spread or smudge. Such a pencil is automatic and does not require sharpening - as it is consumed, the lead will need to be simply unscrewed from the body. And for those who still want to make a sharper tip, a bonus is provided: the top cap is removable, a miniature sharpener is mounted in it. The colors of Colorstay Lipliner consists of fourteen relevant exciting shades.

The texture of the pencil is pleasant, moderately soft, well pigmented. It allows you to easily and quickly hold an accurate saturated line. Worn well, slate enough for a long time. But as a complete replacement of lipstick, most likely, will not work - it can dry the skin of the lips and emphasize peeling.

Main advantages:
  • stunning selection of colors;
  • does not need honing;
  • equipped with a sharpener for a sharper stylus;
  • ideal for travel cosmetics;
  • economically spent;
  • long held on the lips.
  • some can dry the skin.
10 / 10
This is really the best lip liner in travel and business trip! It does not break and will not fail at the most inopportune moment, besides, you can choose a shade for any lipstick.
Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liner

Max Factor Color Elixir pencils, released in eight fashionable shades, are designed to perfectly complement the palette of the same name lipstick of the same brand. Among the ingredients that make up the composition, 60% comes from oils, vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients, which allows the pencil to carefully care for the skin of the lips and protect them from the negative effects of the environment. Can be used as a contour or lipstick.

The texture of Color Elixir Lip Liner is smooth, delicate, creamy. Thanks to a special formula, the pencil does not spread beyond the lips and rests firmly on them. Does not roll into lumps, does not smear, does not dry the skin, is applied easily and gently. Can be layered and shaded. It comes off gradually, evenly, leaving behind a barely perceptible pigment.

Main advantages:
  • cares for lips;
  • steadily holds;
  • has an affordable price.
  • when used instead of lipstick pretty quickly ends.
9.9 / 10
It works perfectly as a pair with glitter or lipstick, and solo, keeps up to the victorious, miraculously nourishes lips, the price is affordable for any girl. What else do you need? For me, this is the best lip liner!
ArtDeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof

ArtDeco's Soft Lip Liner is a waterproof, fragrance-free lip pencil with natural pigments, antioxidants and vitamin E in its composition, produced in twenty-two excellent shades. This product is especially well suited to owners of oily and combination skin. Fashion blogger Alyona Juravlinka in one of her reviews called Soft Lip Liner her favorite lip liner.

Its texture is creamy, weightless, silky. After some time after applying the pencil grabs and becomes stable - it does not wipe, does not roll, it will completely take rain, snow, rest on the beach or workout in the gym. Rinse better with a makeup remover.

Main advantages:
  • breathtaking selection of colors;
  • water resistance;
  • good composition;
  • economical consumption.
  • may not suit the hostesses dry and sensitive skin.
9.9 / 10
I think that this is the best lip liner in terms of stability - no other lip stick on my lips for so long! I would even say that it gives the effect of tattoo. Definitely recommend!
Pupa True Lips
The pencil is very durable and at the same time soft due to its creamy consistency. Easily and smoothly applied, giving the lips tenderness. You can successfully use it instead of lipstick: it does not feel on the lips and looks natural. It fits well without lumps and does not dry the skin of the lips. If there is no peeling, then the pencil will not find them. Resilience (for reviews) is just great.
  • Some may not have enough softness.
9.8 / 10
Pencil is just super! When I paint their lips, many people admire, asking what kind of lipstick. Snacks are excellent.

Top Luxury Pencils

Chanel le crayon levres
2 000

The French brand Chanel constantly replenishes the line of Le Crayon Levres with new luxurious shades, and at the moment there are already more than twenty of them. Some colors come in a limited edition, others remain in a constant series, but high quality and excellent equipment are always the same. Fashion blogger from Latvia Daria Zakharova (Edelich) praises these pencils and recommends them for purchase.

The texture of Le Crayon Levres is soft, delicate, satin. The extract of cotton seeds and jojoba oil in the composition allow the pencil to literally slide over the lips, ideally tracing their contour. Keeps amazingly long. At the back end of the case there is a convenient brush for feathering the pencil or for applying lipstick. Also attached to the pencil branded sharpener.

Main advantages:
  • the presence of brushes and sharpeners;
  • resilience;
  • moderate consumption;
  • unmatched color range;
  • caring ingredients in the composition.
  • impressive price.
10 / 10
The suite can be seen immediately - a chic pencil, stylish packaging, full set. Silk on the lips, sits like a glove, calmly withstands smoke breaks. I advise everyone!
Givenchy Lip Liner Pencil Waterproof
1 400
Ease of application, intense color at any time. Due to the waterproof formula of the slate, which does not contain paraffin and preservatives, the contour line does not float and does not allow the lipstick to spread. Vitamin E in the composition prevents premature aging. Built-in sharpener allows you to sharpen the stylus to sharpness.
Main advantages:
  • Economical expense.
  • The texture is rather dry.
9.8 / 10
The quality of the pencil is wonderful: easy to apply, does not float, not plasticine. I like very much that Givenchy pencils draw a soft line, if necessary, you can shade it. Found a couple of shades that are absent from other brands.
Shiseido Makeup Smoothing lip pencil
1 300
Comfortable application, wide color palette, reliable lasting effect. The combination of a stable and saturated pigment with a soft texture allows, without the slightest effort, to draw a clear contour line of the lips, which will not be erased and spread, but will remain in perfect condition for a long time. The slate pencil sharpens well, does not break and does not crumble, on the reverse side there is a brush of natural hair.
  • In the process of using the hairs in the brush can fall down and become loose.
9.7 / 10
The quality is good, easy to apply. Though soft enough, it doesn't float. My contour along with lipstick held out the entire banquet. I will buy SHiseydo and in other shades.

Which lip liner is better to choose?

  • For those who have dry lips, moisturizing is important, so you should choose a pencil with a higher content of vitamins E and C in the pencil, rose or aloe vera extract and softening oils - palm, castor, coconut.
  • The purpose of the pencil is directly related to the thickness of the slate. Narrow slate can only draw around a thin line of the lip. A wide slate has more possibilities: it is lip contouring, and contour feathering, and drawing a base for lipstick and gloss. Usually such pencils are supplied with a special brush.

And let your true friend pencil every day helps to make sponges more well-groomed, soft and seductive!

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