10 best spray guns

Neither nekrokrasa nor streaks

To face the need to work with the spray gun, it is not necessary to be a professional painter. Of course, for small works that do not require special quality, aerosol cans will always help out ... well, what if you need to paint the fence, the ceiling or the walls? In Soviet times, the decision was simple: monstrous construction for whitewashing ceilings was usually attached to vacuum cleaners, which, if desired, could be made and painted. But the quality was so-so, and now hardly anyone will find such a "device."

Then you can arm yourself with more modern devices. But what kind of spray gun to choose - here you can really get confused. Having a compressor, it is logical to think about pneumatic spray gun, but they are fundamentally different types. Discussion of the differences and applicability alone will require a separate article.

No compressor? Then there is an option in the form electric spray gun, but it is worth warning at once: the quality of painting is their worst, mirror “metallic” on the car body - not their element.

Let's try to sort out the offers in the stores and choose the best paint sprayers, which we will not have to look for for a long time, and there will be no reason to regret the wasted money.

Rating the best spray guns in 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top electric spray guns1BOSCH PFS 5000 E9.5 / 1010 730
2WAGNER W 590 FLEXiO9.2 / 1010 720
3BLACK + DECKER HVLP4009.0 / 106 290
4FIOLENT KR1-2609.0 / 102 714
Top entry-level pneumatic spray guns1HUBERTH R5009.2 / 103 300
2Metabo FSP 6008.9 / 102 700
3FUBAG MASTER G600 / 1.4 HVLP8.6 / 101 600
Top Professional Pneumatic Spray Guns1ANEST IWATA W-400 Bellaria9.9 / 1016 000
2SATAjet 4000 B RP9.8 / 1030 000
3JONNESWAY JA-6111K9.6 / 1015 900

Top electric spray guns

10 730

Oh, not for nothing, we recalled the Soviet vacuum cleaners at the beginning of the article ... BOSCH PFS 5000 E was made on the same principle: the remote blower blows through a completely vacuum hose into the nozzle, which is screwed on the bottom, involuntarily causing associations with the Soviet liter jar. And yes, here this “bank” is also a liter.

The performance of this device is very good - it is adjustable up to 0.5 l / min, that is, if desired, one container of paint can be “blown out” in a couple of minutes. In order to paint the walls with minimal loss of time - the most it. Moreover, the material can be both liquid and thick - it is enough to change the nozzle.

The ergonomics of the sprayer is excellent, the handle, for example, is made on the same principle as the Bosch drills - with a well-thought-out shape and soft-grip plates. Performance does not change when the tool tilts due to technology ConstantFeed (in other words, the "tricky" shape of the bottom of the tank).

Not quite convenient is that the "trigger" on the handle only blocks the flow of air, but does not turn off the compressor. Turn it on and off separately, and with his foot.

Main advantages:
  • Good ergonomics
  • Versatility
  • High performance with proper tuning
  • Inconvenient shutdown
9.5 / 10
To process, for example, a fresh log cabin with compositions is the most, quickly and efficiently. It has long paid off.
10 720

Monoblock airbrush, which will not interfere with a thick hose. Here, the 630-watt pump is built into the sprayer housing itself, and its weight is not as solid - only 1.9 kg. Moreover, since the pump is located on the rear of the handle and the tank is on the front, they balance each other, and there is no characteristic advantage that frustrates the brush.

Branded impeller X-Boost, blowing air, not bad in performance. With her spray gun can spend up to 0.5 liters of paint per minute. The two nozzles in the kit have their own tanks, so that the transition from one job to another can be done without flushing: the actual spray unit is replaced with the entire assembly. The purpose of the nozzles is clear from their name - if the Standard is universal and has an average performance, then the Wall Extra I-Spray is perfect for quickly filling large areas.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience in work
  • Quick change of nozzles with tanks
  • High enough performance
  • Sometimes the power button is “buggy”, you should pay attention to it when buying
9.2 / 10
An interesting thing. It is very convenient that each nozzle has its own bank, and they change quickly.
6 290

Our rating continues to be a rather curious budget spray gun with a remote pump and a 6-meter hose. Its power is small - 450 W, so that with large volumes the work will be delayed in comparison with the same “Bosch”. But we note the convenience of refueling: it is carried out through the side cover, that is, it is not necessary to remove the container itself, thinking where to put the gun with the paint flowing from it.

The quality of the spray is good, so that the spray gun is suitable for a variety of jobs: from spraying an antiseptic to finishing the walls with water-based paint. And he certainly will justify his price.

Main advantages:
  • Convenient refueling
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Relatively poor performance
9.0 / 10
When finished building, great useful. Small, the socket does not load, just know the paint pour.
2 714

Electric sprayer FIOLENT KR1-260 works great with any paints that are designed to be applied by airless method. The air temperature at the same time should be from +1 to + 40 ° C. The tool is able to work with both liquid and thick materials, the viscosity of which does not exceed 80 DIN. The maximum performance of the device is 260 mlmin, at a power of 60 watts. This is quite enough for painting the surface of medium area. The ergonomic handle provides reliable fixation in hands and convenient operation of the tool.

Main advantages:
  • Good quality plastic
  • Low price
  • Wide range of materials used
  • Operation requires certain skills.
9.0 / 10

Top entry-level pneumatic spray guns

3 300

This LVLP Chinese-made airbrush is well known to garage masters. It is not so expensive, it does not require a particularly powerful compressor with a large receiver, while, unlike HP spray guns, it “dusts” evenly and with minimal material loss. And the loss of paint is not only money that has literally flown into the air, but also fog, which will require a good exhaust hood in the garage, will settle on unprotected surfaces.

The gun is available with nozzles from 1.3 to 1.7 mm, replacement kits can be purchased without problems. So the same spray gun is quite possible to wipe and on the primer, and the finishing varnish. It is also important that the important parts are made of stainless steel.

The requirements for the compressor are small: the pressure is from 2.5 to 3 bar, the maximum flow rate is 110 liters per minute. In a word, for occasional works, and simply, to “tamp the hand” at no extra cost - a worthy choice.

However, we note that it is necessary to disassemble and rinse, and carefully, a new pistol is necessary - the manufacturer did not regret the grease, and he even assembled all the threads on the retainer. So disassembling the R500 for the first time is still a “pleasure.”

Main advantages:
  • Low compressor requirements
  • Stainless needle and nozzle
  • High enough spray quality
  • Weak color of the gun
9.2 / 10
The normal choice for a start, high-quality and reliable spray gun for painting cars.
Metabo FSP 600
2 700
Sufficiently convenient and reliable HP spray gun, which is much cheaper (at times!) For its HVLP and LVLP variants. It requires quite standard for this class of 4.5 bar pressure, while the air flow is 240 liters per minute. In principle, it is already quite acceptable for compressors of the average garage level, if you work with breathing spaces, and not to blow the tank behind the tank in the air.

It is worth considering that the nozzle here with a diameter of 1.5 mm. This is perfectly acceptable for works like painting the fence, from which we started the entry: modern Tom Sawyer should like the work. But before self-painting the car, we would advise to buy a smaller nozzle, because the staffing is suitable only for a quick primer.

Main advantages:
  • Good value for money
  • Acceptable Compressor Requirements
  • The standard nozzle is focused on fast spraying of a large volume of material, which is not always necessary.
8.9 / 10
Normal gun, from the point of view of an amateur. Dust to the sides strongly, for a small garage without hood is not the best option.
1 600

Low cost spray gun with a top tank and a nozzle of 1.4 mm - one of the most popular in stores among entry-level equipment. Spray type - HVLP.

For work, it will require a pressure of 3.5 bar, capacity - 180 liters per minute. Reasonably moderate requirements for garage use. However, because of their design features, they have to work at a relatively short distance, so the newcomer will most likely immediately encounter paint spills, slightly overdosing the sprayer. But quickly throw a large area - the work is just for him.

It should be understood that waiting for the quality of IWATA from such a low-cost spray gun is not worth it: after the purchase you need to disassemble, rinse and stretch all the connections required. The seals also do not say that they “walk” for a long time - the instrument is typically amateur, and does not pretend to professional use even once.

Main advantages:
  • Small dust "to the side"
  • Moderate compressor requirements
  • Average reliability
8.6 / 10
I paint them all sorts of crafts in the workshop, it is suitable for this. Searching for seals is difficult, but, in principle, when I began to poison, I quickly returned it to the system.

Top Professional Pneumatic Spray Guns

ANEST IWATA W-400 Bellaria
16 000

Proven professional instrument from Japan, perfect for precision work. Moreover, this spray gun belongs to the class RP (Reduced Pressure), and 2 bar of pressure at 270 l / min is enough for it to work. As a result, both good performance and spray quality with moderate material losses are achieved, for which this model is loved.

The flip side of quality is the price that few will allow themselves for occasional work. But in the hands of a professional such a tool will pay off quickly.

Main advantages:
  • Spray quality
  • Moderate compressor requirements
  • High price
  • Minimum grade
9.9 / 10
One of my favorite spray guns, how many cars had already been poured over them.
SATAjet 4000 B RP
30 000

Ergonomic, lightweight and very high-quality tool for professionals around the world. He is really worthy of the first place in the ranking of the best spray guns, but ... You see the price yourself: with the current exchange rates, you cannot say that the "price / quality" is optimal. In the end, a real master, if desired, can also “paint” the carriage normally (at least, they say so), and in the hands of an inexperienced painter the price will not insure at all from drips or underfilling.

The history of the manufacturer is more than a hundred years of work. Starting with medical equipment, in 1925 they launched the first spray gun, and in 1926 they patented the design with a combined head and ellipse spraying, which is now used in most spray gun models. SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH & Co KG. besides, it has become one of the most falsified - and this must be borne in mind when buying a spray gun from your hands or via the Internet.

As for a specific model, it is an excellent tool for quick and uniform paint application, available in both the RP version and the more economical, but less efficient HVLP. Nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel and can work even with acrylic or nitro-paint, even with a water emulsion. The air head and tank are removed as quickly as possible, the shape of the torch is also quickly and easily adjusted. A fun but not very practical option is also offered - a digital pressure gauge built into the handle.

Main advantages:
  • Spray quality, easy adjustment
  • Work with any types of paints
  • Reliability with proper service
  • Price
9.8 / 10
What can I say, the thing is really high. The main thing to take in a proven place, the Chinese fake them "with a bang."
15 900
Ready set for painting, which can be found in a variety of car repair shops. By class, it can be described as “minimally professional”, so to speak. The set is based on HP-sprayer JA-6111 with gravity feed of material, to which are attached two removable tanks of different volume, replaceable nozzles of different sections, a set of fixtures for repair, maintenance and cleaning. In short, everything you need to work even with the ground, even with varnish. If there is a desire to work with water-based paints, you will have to purchase special nozzles and stainless steel needles, regular ones are designed for two-component enamels and other material that does not contain water.

The working pressure for the spray gun is from 3.5 to 5 bar, which, in principle, will easily give out any compressor. But far from any will do: it should have a considerable productivity, and a receiver of the corresponding volume - after all, the air flow here reaches almost 400 l / min.

However, it is worth changing the settings, the benefit of the nozzle is in the kit, and in front of us is no longer a “monster” for pouring large areas, but a completely accurate sprayer for more delicate works. Of course, the “costs” of the construction will remain with him anyway - high-pressure sprayers have a relatively low percentage of material transfer and thoroughly “dust” to the side.

Main advantages:
  • Good equipment
  • Available parts
  • High compressor requirements
9.6 / 10
Long worked like that. It is a quality, especially not naughty, the amount of care is normal.

Which spray gun is better to buy?

To begin with, let's look at the accepted designations of the types of spraying - they directly indicate the characteristics of the spray gun.

The simplest systems are HP spray guns (High Pressure). They are demanding on the pressure and performance of the compressor, the working pressure in the air cap is higher than other types. Due to this, the paint is divided into small drops, gives a powerful torch, but also “by” carries it strongly. Therefore, in these types of spray guns, the consumption of material is the highest; when working, we must not forget about the respirator and the hood. The surrounding space is worth protecting from dusting. But, for example, if you need a good nail polish, then it will not hurt to have an HP gun in stock. More interesting option for work - RP (Reduced Pressure). In fact, this is the same classic design, but it works softer, less polished.

Spray guns HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) They work with low pressure in the airhead, so that the torch is soft and not far away, and the paint consumption is economical. On the other hand, the “mirror” on the varnish is harder to make. That is, for example, when painting with “metallic” base, it is more convenient to put it with HVLP-spray gun, and for varnish to take “good old” HP. Consider that the torch of such sprayers is “short”, and, for example, it is inconvenient to pour over the roof of the car.

And what then means LVLP? Based on the decoding of Low Volume, Low Pressure, such guns not only work under reduced pressure, but also the material is served in a small amount. A good option for small areas, with which it is better to work from a short distance. For example, when painting a wrought-iron grille, more productive spray guns will either instantly drip or too much paint will “fly away” into free space. However, in any case, it is not the gun that paints, but the hand - a certain skill is always needed.

Electric spray guns - a specific thing.They are convenient primarily for large areas without special quality requirements. For example, to paint the walls with water-based paint using a pneumatic spray gun, you need a compressor that will not drag anyone into the apartment. But an electric pulverizer with which a car can be painted, unless it is a completely undemanding person, will help out just then. Due to the low air pressure at the entrance, they have a minimum of dust, inside the premises it is important. But productivity will not spend much time on work.

Have a good shopping!

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