5 best balancers per pike perch

Eh, - the perches sighed, - there used to be worms ... One worm, it happened, ate the floor of the river!
Author: Sergey Shchetko

Imported bait for sheer zander fishing under the name of a balance weight appealed to domestic fishermen. The bait is not inferior in terms of catchiness to traditional lures, allowing you to catch a fanged predator both in the winter from the ice and from a boat in the open water season. The rating of the best balancers on pike-perch is made on the basis of numerous reviews of fisher-athletes and experienced amateurs.

Which balancer is better to catch perch?

One of the important advantages of the balancer over a vertical lure is the possibility of catching the same bait at different depths. Although for shallow waters it is preferable to use lighter models (up to 20 g) and smaller lengths (up to 70 mm). Deep horizons are best fished with rocker weights of 15 g and a minimum length of 70 mm.

When choosing the color of a zander-like rocker, it is important to consider the place of feeding the predator and the similarity of the bait with the natural prey. For well-lit areas, you can use models with a dark coloring. In deep pits, it is recommended to use balancers defiantly bright colors. On some products, manufacturers apply fluorescent paint to attract a pike perch in a deep hole with its shimmer.

In the arsenal of the angler must be different balancers. At the beginning and end of winter, when the fish is active, most baits show their performance. But in the period of deaf-winter weather, balancers with very realistic behavior under water are required to stir the passive predator.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best universal balancer on zander1Kuusamo Tasapaino 75 mm9.9 / 10500
The best balancer for catching a passive pike perch1Rapala Jigging Rap 5 cm9.9 / 10480
The best balancer for catching perch in a plumb boat1Nils - Master - Jigger 1.5 Balancer9.8 / 10450
The best deep-water balancer on zander1Lucky John "Fin 5" 70 mm9.8 / 10200
The best balancer for catching trophy pikeperch1Scorana Ice Crystal Mark2 80 mm9.8 / 10310

The best universal balancer on zander

Kuusamo Tasapaino 75 mm

Finnish balancers have long had a reputation as the most catchy artificial bait for winter predator fishing. Kuusamo Tasapaino 75 works great on pike perch, pike, bersh and perch. The length of the lure is 75 mm, the weight of the lure is 18 g. Due to the rigid plastic tail, the balance bar has a sweeping game. It steadily moves not only in stagnant water, but also in the current. Two single hooks are fixedly mounted in the front and back of the body. The tee is freely suspended from the belly of the lure. Corrugated imitation of scales creates the illusion of a real fry that does not go unnoticed by a predator. For packaging the bait manufacturer used a reliable blister.

Main advantages:
  • attracts a predator from a long distance;
  • variety of colors;
  • excellent balancing.
  • not found.
9.9 / 10
I think the main advantage of the Finnish balancer Kuusamo Tasapaino 75 is a long stroke. Wiring do in the form of a short sharp swing and smooth descent. It is a pity that often the pike bites off the bait, and on pike perch it is the best balance weight.

The best balancer for catching a passive pike perch

Rapala Jigging Rap 5 cm

Rapala Jigging Rap balancers feature an impeccable game of water. Thanks to realistic behavior that resembles the movement of a sick fish, the bait is able to unbalance the passive pike perch, pike or perch. This feature was appreciated by fishermen-athletes using small models 5 cm long and weighing 9 g. The balance weight is equipped with a high-quality head and tail hook, as well as a movable central triple of the French company VMC. To further attract the attention of a sluggish predator, there is a special colored peephole on the threesome. A small bright spot increases the number of effective bites.

Main advantages:
  • cancel the game without interruption;
  • attractive eye on the tee;
  • wear resistant coating.
  • Not comfortable clasp on tee.
9.9 / 10
I have been catching on Rapala with a length of 5 cm for two winters. This bait for me is the absolute favorite. It catches both small pike and a mature fanged one. The tail is held, the coating is not scratched, in general, nothing to complain about.

The best balancer for catching perch in a plumb boat

Nils - Master - Jigger 1.5 Balancer

A good universal bait for sheer fishing for pikeperch, perch, pike is the Jigger 1.5 balance bar. It works in shallows and at great depths. Excellent results showed balance in the open water season when catching a predator in a plumb boat. The body of the bait is molded from a metal alloy, and the shell is made of plastic. All lures are painted by hand. Particular attention is paid to the manufacturer ogruzke balancer. A plastic tail is securely attached to a perfectly smooth body. The bait has sharp hooks. With a length of 5 cm, the balance weight weighs 8 g. A stable game of bait is observed both in standing waters and on rivers.

Main advantages:
  • perfect balancing;
  • attractive colors;
  • high-quality assembly.
  • passive fish ignores bait.
9.8 / 10
Jigger perfectly catches perch in the summer in a plumb line. Moreover, the size of the predator varies in a very wide range. The main thing that the pike was not there. But for some reason, in the deaf state of balancer, the fish is not very interested.

The best deep-water balancer on zander

Lucky John "Fin 5" 70 mm

Balances "Fin 5" 70 mm from Lucky John have a flatter body than the classic models. Thanks to this form, the bait is capable of fishing a large area. The bait works great at great depths, where such large predators as pike perch and pike hide. With a length of 70 mm, the balance weight weighs 20 g. The sharp single hooks of Kamasan are soldered to the head and tail parts, and the triplet with the colored bead is fixed movably on the abdomen. A bright droplet on a triple hook is a point of sight for a predator. With this solution, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of bites. Each balancer manufacturer carefully packed in an individual blister.

Main advantages:
  • good game at great depths;
  • realistic appearance;
  • sharp hooks.
  • sometimes the tail flies off.
9.8 / 10
Good working balancers, which in no way inferior to the eminent finals. The predator mows regularly, especially the size of the pike perch on the deep-water edges. I did not glue or tint anything.

The best balancer for catching trophy pikeperch

Scorana Ice Crystal Mark2 80 mm

The Scorana Ice Crystal Mark2 balancer is a high-body wide bait for ice fishing for large pikeperch and pike. The lure attracts the predator with its gorgeous coloring. The game of this model is measured and powerful. The bait confidently dissects both stagnant waters and water areas over. The manufacturer has equipped the balancer with strong large hooks from Mustad. The single hooks protrude strongly from the body, increasing the catchiness of the bait. The tail of plastic is attached to the body with high-quality glue. It provides amplitude sweep during posting. With a length of 80 mm the bait has a weight of 32 g.

Main advantages:
  • sweeping game;
  • bright appearance;
  • stable work in different layers of water.
  • has a tendency to twist the fishing line.
9.8 / 10
Acquired balance for the purpose of harvesting large pike. But suddenly there was a heightened interest in the bait from the pike perch. Since the size of the balancer is decent (8 cm), a trophy predator is caught on the hook.

The catch of a wobbler is largely determined by its play. That is why experts advise purchasing balancers in specialized stores to avoid numerous fakes. Today, products from the Middle Kingdom to an amateur angler are almost impossible to distinguish from the company bait. But pike determines counterfeit instantly. It is better to purchase one working model than to store a dozen useless toys in a box.

Beginners anglers are better off to purchase a universal balancer, which will interest the perch or bersh, if pike perch goes on a hunger strike. Indeed, in sheer luster, it is important to find a suitable wiring for the bait.

Experienced sailorswhich are aimed at trophy fishing, it is better to stop on large balancers. The number of bites with such a bait will be much less, but each bite can bring a record predator.

Athlete Fishermen have in their arsenal and small balancers. They allow you to catch more predator for a certain time. Often this approach brings victory in the competition.

Choose different models of balancers more boldly and test them in winter and summer. Without practice, luck will not come!

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