8 best bathroom sealants

The most reliable protection from moisture in the bathroom

The quality of the sealant for the bath directly depends on the company that produces it, and since the actual operational requirements are imposed on the properties of the insulating material, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of the manufacturer.

Trust deserve the brand, not the first year working with adhesive compositions, for example, "Ceresit"And"Moment»: Their range allows the masters to provide sealants for work in any conditions.

The rest of the brands have approximately the same popularity, therefore, ExpertCare simply recommends choosing the best compositions from the list of manufacturers, taking into account their personal merits:

  • Belinka
  • Tytan
  • S 400
  • Dow corning

A bathroom is not a place to experiment. Constant humidity, temperature drops, increased likelihood of mold ... Sealing seams in such conditions can only be truly reliable formulations.

The best series of universal silicone sealants

Ceresit CS 25. Silicone Grout Sealant
Average price: 150 Р
Ceresit, like no other, understands the requirements for insulating materials with high adhesion rates. To address the issues of sealing the seams in the bathroom manufacturer offers a series of silicone sealants with a variety of properties.
The most popular among them is Ceresit CS 25 sealant, which can simultaneously perform the functions of grouting. The main advantage of Ceresit CS 25 is its composition, where, in addition to the silicone itself, an increased amount of anti-fungal additives is introduced. This minimizes the risk of black moldy spots on the surface of the seams.
Sealant Ceresit CS 25 is characterized by:
  • High adhesion to ceramic tile, glass and enameled surface;
  • Good elasticity;
  • The ability to fit perfectly on smooth and porous surfaces;
  • Excellent environmental performance.

CS 25 refers to acetic sealants: not recommended for contact with metals with the exception of stainless steel.
In contrast, traditional sealants are available in different colors.
Reviews: “The German quality of Ceresite has not failed here either: Ceresit CS 25 sealant for the bathroom is the best - it does not blacken, it is moisture resistant, excellent adhesion and plasticity are noticeable when applied. Recommend!"

10 / 10

The best sealant for ceramics

Belinka Belsil Sanitary Acetate
Average price: 160 Р
Belinka Belsil Sanitary Acetate belongs to the class of silicone sealants, but with stronger antifungal properties than similar compounds. The second advantage of the sealant is its pasty consistency: when applied, it does not flow, but resiliently lies in the seam, creating perfect insulation.
In the process of using the material is not washed out - on the contrary, it has a high viscosity and can only be removed mechanically. The complex properties and high adhesion rates make it one of the best sealants for ceramic tiles.
Reviews: “The joints of the shower box with the wall were isolated. Liked the strength, even the density of the sealant. Three seams already - no complaints "
9.7 / 10

The best sealant for wide seams

Moment of moment
Average price: from 130 - up to 200 Р
“Moment Germent” is a series of sealants for isolating problem seams and joints. Ideal for bathrooms. When stationary seams of wide width are in need of isolation, then the acrylic version is preferred from the entire range. If the main problem is humidity, and the seams do not differ in excessive width, then you can stop the choice on "Silicone Sanitary" or "Silicone Universal".
All the proposed options are characterized by good adhesion, moisture resistance, elasticity and quality of the seal of joints. They create excellent insulation even in the vicinity of acrylic and enamelled products.
Reviews: "Sealant Moment Germent has established itself as a universal compound: used it in many cases to solve various problems and was always satisfied."
9.5 / 10

Good silicone sealant that does not spread

KRASS silicone sealant universal
Average price: 150 Р
The special feature of KRASS sealants is the absence of shrinkage at the joints. In addition, the insulating material is characterized by high adhesion with almost all surfaces. For the consumer, this means that when applied, the sealant will not spread, but will provide a uniform and uniform filling. The high elasticity of the composition allows the use of KRASS to create stationary and moving joints.
The range of sealants includes a complete line of compositions: from acrylic to silicone sanitary. This enables the optimal selection of materials for rooms with very different finishes.
Additional advantages of KRASS sealants include increased fire safety, mold resistance, and heat resistance.
Reviews: “I use this sealant all the time, I think KRASS is the best sealant. Seals all materials, from ceramics, enamel and glass to drywall and concrete. ”
9.5 / 10

The most mold resistant sealant

S 400
Average price: 150 Р
This sealant enjoys the well-deserved fame of users, because it is more resistant to the formation of mold than all its analogues. It has an acetate silicone paste-like composition; in addition to the main components, it also contains a large proportion of fungicides. The presence of such additives virtually eliminates the proliferation of microorganisms on the surface of the seam, and therefore, fungi and mold can not be afraid.
Sealant S 400 has excellent adhesion to smooth, non-porous surfaces, it is flexible, water resistant and durable. Available in different colors, including ordering colors from the manufacturer.
Reviews: “S 400 sealant for the bathroom is the best in every way. For two years, the seams have not turned black. Let's see what happens next. ”
9.3 / 10

The best sealant for showers

Dow corning 7091
Average price: 590 Р
The name “glue-sealant” is more suitable for Dow Corning, after being insulated, even in the most difficult joints, water does not leak out. That is why Dow Corning 7091 is increasingly used for insulation work when installing shower enclosures and cabinets.
Sealant Dow Corning 7091 is not a specialized composition for bathrooms, but it copes well with the tasks assigned to it. It has strong adhesion to all popular materials. Not prone to the formation of mold in rooms with high humidity.
Reviews: “The sealant is thicker when compared with other compounds, therefore it goes much deeper in the gap. It is suitable for aquariums and for showers - you can use it wherever water is always present. ”
9.3 / 10

Silicone sealant with good adhesion

CIKI FIX silicone universal
Average price: 70 Р
If you happen to buy CIKI FIX silicone sealant, then you can be sure about the quality of the insulation made. This Turkish product has the strongest adhesive properties, almost “tightly” fastening enamel, ceramics, wood and metal. There are no problems with painted surfaces. The elasticity and water resistance of CIKI FIX deserve special praise. The sealant is not washed out and does not deteriorate during use; it is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.
It has one, but a very significant drawback: there are no anti-fungal additives in the composition. Therefore, it is recommended to use CIKI FIX in rooms with sufficiently powerful ventilation.
Reviews: “I use Turkish sealant CIKI FIX not for the first time. I am satisfied all the time: the seams do not lose tightness even after a long time. ”
9.2 / 10

The best sealant for strong and elastic joints

Titanium Rubber (Professional) Sealant
Average price: 200 Р
Rubber seals allow you to create the strongest and most elastic seams.
In bathrooms, TYTAN rubber sealant is usually used for the restoration of existing compounds created by silicone compounds. Like all polyurethane compositions, TYTAN rubber sealant is characterized by high adhesion to a wide variety of materials, is easily painted and is very durable. Treats professional insulating structures.
Reviews: "Polyurethane sealant, of course, is not as good for the bath as the silicone compound, but Tytan Professional completely suited me."
8.9 / 10


The main requirements for sealants for bathrooms are three:

  • Mold Resistance:
  • Pasty non-flowing consistency;
  • High adhesion to different materials.

Not to be mistaken with the choice is simple enough To do this, you should buy the products of a famous brand, a company with a serious reputation or rely on good consumer reviews and take a risk with a less well-known sealant. The second way is more risky, but sometimes allows you to find a real "pearl" among a huge range of a variety of sealants.

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