The best ways to protect your property from car thief

Effective methods to protect the car from theft

Oh, happiness! Finally, the cherished dream that has been born over the years has come true - a man has become the owner of a new, posh car! However, so that the joy of what happened does not transform into grief from losing a four-wheeled friend, you should take care to protect it. Even in the event that the car spends the night in a guarded parking lot or in the garage. Often, the paid parking security staff themselves give guidance to dashing little people, and the garage locks for domestic craftsmen are a trifling matter! This raises a logical question, which means of car theft protection most effective?

The rapid development of the automotive industry, primarily foreign, gave rise to many systems, the purpose of which is to protect the car. This whole product of human thought can be sorted into the following groups:

  • Electronic anti-theft system (EPS);
  • Mechanical (MPS);
  • Satellite (ATP);
  • Radio search (RPS);
  • Biometric;
  • Transponder.

So, let us consider in more detail the advantages and, of course, the disadvantages of these systems in order to determine which of them is the most reliable protection against car theft.

And we will begin our excursion into the world of anti-theft systems with the good old mechanics unfairly forgotten by most car owners. Actually mechanical anti-theft protection, popular 15 - 20 years ago, has not lost its effectiveness in our days. Just modern cars are so crammed with all kinds of electronics, including anti-theft, that many car owners consider it sufficient and neglect the additional safety measures. And as practice shows, this is a very rash decision!

These tools include the following blockers:

  1. Steering lock. Modern steering wheel protection is not a hooked, menacing, massive blocker used in the recent past. Their use today will not stop a professional hijacker - eating a “wheel” or bending it is a matter of three to five seconds! The current mechanisms are relatively small and are mounted secretly - under the car console. And the work of such protection is elementary, but effective enough - reliably blocking the steering shaft, makes it impossible to control the “wheel”.
  2. Pedal clips. Actually, protection from pedal hijacking as shackles is, of course, not a trap for a large animal, as in the well-known comedy film, but it will be a surprise to the hijacker, since they are invisible from the outside. But having a bite themselves pedals, with a certain dexterity, you can drive a car using cuttings from them! It is much more efficient to use a techno-block that is mounted in a hydraulic system of brakes and / or clutches, blocking the start of the motor. In the case of an attempt to break in, the technical block closes, and the depressed brake pedal remains in this position, blocking the entire brake system. You can open the device lock using a key that also has a high level of protection - more than 15 million combinations! The advantages of such a security system include reliability in operation, compatibility with absolutely all models and brands of cars, as well as a discount when making insurance in a hull insurance box, if, of course, the PC is installed in the car. The disadvantage is, perhaps, one - in the event of an unlawful actuation of a techno-block, the car will have to be delivered to the nearest service center using a tow truck. Although in some modern devices, this drawback is taken into account and eliminated.
  3. The latch box speeds (CAT). The device is a lock that blocks the rocker - gearshift lever. The lever in the “P” position - parking is fixed by the steel rod of the device, making it impossible to change gears. Protection is established, both on mechanical, and on automatic transmissions. The advantages of this security system include their ease of use, low cost and a sufficiently high degree of protection, but only with other types of anti-theft systems. The disadvantage is efficiency for a limited number of vehicles.
  4. Bonnet catch. A very necessary security system of the car, as it protects the "intelligence" of the car, hidden under the hood. Its effectiveness is determined by the degree to which the hijacker does not approach his goal. The hood lock is mounted in different places of the car, and its control is carried out using signals from car alarms and / or immobilizer. The advantages of this protection system are obvious - the bonnet blocker not only reliably protects the engine control unit directly, but also prevents access to the car alarm siren, sensors, blocking relays, and the like. There are no flaws. However, the installation of the system should be entrusted to professionals, since it requires maximum accuracy when mounting. Otherwise, all its advantages will turn against the car owner.

Attention! The use of any one security system is ineffective. Therefore, the rational use of several anti-theft systems at once is a chance that the car will be too tough for the hijackers to increase significantly!

Today it is difficult to imagine a car without EPS (electronic anti-theft system). High reliability, coupled with ease of operation and affordable prices make these devices very popular among motorists. Due to the presence of a variety of sensors, EPS instantly recognizes unauthorized intrusion and immediately prevents the attempted theft by breaking the ignition circuit or shutting off the fuel supply.


Anti-theft protection system, which in case of danger blocks all or all electrical circuits of the car in case of danger. Naturally, further movement is simply impossible! Install the device should be properly, in advance thinking out the place unnoticeable to him. There are two types of devices - contactless immobilizers, controlled by a “transponder tag”, and after a “friend-to-others” request, a command to start the engine is sent through the device module. And contact immobilizers, controlled directly by the contact panel. The advantages are obvious - by imitating a car malfunction, a properly installed immobilizer will become the main and in many cases an insurmountable obstacle for dashing guys! The disadvantages include contactless immobilizers that run on batteries, which often have to be changed. In addition, this type of device uses a radio channel that can be scanned. However, its range is insufficient for outside scanning.

Car alarm

This safety system informs the car owner about all undesirable effects on his four-wheeled friend! However, it, like no other anti-theft system, is best used together with others, as it is ineffective and will not protect against theft. But he will warn you in time if they want to commit an act of vandalism over the car, and not steal it! The advantages can be attributed to the relatively recent addition to the system - using the remote key fob, you can start or shut down the engine at a distance. The latter function is very relevant in cases where the car began its movement without the owner! The disadvantage is that all types of car alarms can be scanned!

Satellite and radio search anti-theft systems

These systems also apply to electronic security products. They can be combined, since the functions of the devices are similar and are aimed rather not at protecting against car theft, but at its quick detection and return to the owner. Simply put, it looks like this - a “bug” installed in a seat or in a head restraint and operating autonomously transmits a signal to the mobile phone of the owner, if it has a Google map installed. The service is provided with a monthly subscription fee, as well as payment for SMS messages. The advantages include discounts for car insurance in a hull insurance in the case of the presence of this security system, but there are several disadvantages - the antenna gives the control unit of the device, it is easy to detect and neutralize. Well, GSM signals are easily jammed!

Transponder and biometric anti-theft systems

Such systems operate on the principle of electronic protection. In the first case, the sensor placed directly in the car, will respond only to the chip owner. Otherwise, the system will block access to the vehicle. In the second variant, the admission is carried out on the basis of the identification code - the voice of the car owner, his fingerprints or palm, as well as other data scanned by the built-in electronic system. But such a system is very expensive, so rarely purchased by ordinary motorists.

Unfortunately, any one absolute protection against vehicle theft today simply does not exist! Although, as is clear from the above material, the number of protection systems is impressive. In conclusion, I would like to give some tips on car safety:

  1. Use several protection options at once, having carefully studied each of them - how relevant this method is and applies to a specific vehicle.
  2. Keep a four-wheeled friend in a paid and well-guarded parking lot.
  3. Take care of the hull. By the way, the presence in the car of some anti-theft systems provides a significant discount for his insurance!

And, of course, always be on the alert - that is, vigilant! In this case, the risk that the car will be subjected to theft will be reduced to the minimum figures!

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