Types of inhalers

How to choose the inhaler?

Inhalers are of the following types:

  • Steam inhalers intended for the treatment of respiratory diseases and for prophylactic inhalations. As a medicine in inhalers of this type, oils and decoctions of medicinal plants are used.
  • Ultrasonic inhalers make medicines cool in aerosol, which penetrates into any parts of the respiratory tract. Not suitable for all medications. All models of ultrasonic inhalers are virtually silent.
  • Compressor (or jet) inhalers - suitable for any medication, including herbal preparations and antibiotics. The main disadvantages of this type of inhalers are their large size and loud noise during operation.

The main advantages and disadvantages of steam inhalers

The effect of any model of a steam inhaler is based on thermal evaporation of the drug solution. Inhalation of warm vapor softens the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, enhancing the effect of the prescribed therapeutic agent.

Advantages of steam inhalers

  • The ability to use decoctions of medicinal plants and medicines in the form of oil solutions;
  • You can use the device for cosmetic procedures;
  • Reasonably low cost;
  • Easy to use.

Main disadvantages

  • Not suitable for the treatment of diseases of the lower respiratory tract;
  • Not used to treat very young children;
  • When heated, some medicinal substances lose or significantly weaken their therapeutic effect.

Pros and cons of ultrasonic inhalers

The principle of operation of these models is based on the spraying of the drug substance using ultrasonic vibrations. Different models differ in design, the presence of various functions and configuration, on which the price of the device depends.

Advantages of ultrasonic inhalers

  • Functionality and reliability;
  • Low noise level during the work even at stationary inhalers;
  • Modern models can work both from a network and from batteries;
  • Possibility of use in children.


  • Some drugs cannot be used because they are destroyed by ultrasound (such drugs include: sputum diluents and antibiotics);
  • It is forbidden to use oil solutions of medicinal substances;
  • High enough price.

Pros and cons of jet (compressor) inhalers

In compressor-type inhalers, spraying of the therapeutic solution occurs under the influence of a strong jet of air.

Advantages of use

  • Common modern models of compressor inhalers create aerosol suspensions with a very small particle size of the drug substance, which spread throughout the respiratory system;
  • The small size and weight of portable models (up to a maximum of one kilogram), allowing you to take the device with you;
  • Do not require the purchase of additional accessories;
  • You can use special solutions and tools prepared at home (in this case, you must carefully study the instructions for their preparation).

Main disadvantages

  • High noise level at work.

Compressor Inhalers - the most popular type of inhalers at the moment. The reason is the ratio of price, quality and functionality of compressor models. But if you need an inhaler not only for the treatment and prevention of colds, but also for cosmetic procedures - then you should purchase steam inhaler. Ultrasonic inhalers they lose in terms of functionality (not all preparations can be used in them) - but they have their merits (noiselessness, compactness). In addition, a cool cloud of mist is created when the ultrasonic inhaler is in operation - it is not necessary for the patient to keep his face near the inhaler, the device may be near at a short distance. This method is less effective than if you keep the face of the mouthpiece - but it is convenient when you need to inhale a very young child, or a bed patient.

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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